The councillors for each ward are listed below along with a declaration of interest form for each. Member Interest forms are now available from: For contact details of the councillors, please click here.

The Council has adopted the NALC Code of Conduct.  

Clayton West

Cllr Susan Hellewell

Cllr John Cook (Chairman)

Cllr William Simpson

(Vacancy) – Co-option vote 8th January 2019

Denby & Cumberworth

Cllr Cynthia Naylor

Cllr Richard Brook

Cllr Maggie Blanshard

Cllr Steven Slater

Cllr Janet Depledge

Cllr Neil Gemmell


Cllr Edward Shaw

Cllr Ray Gott (Vice Chairman)

Cllr Mike Wood

(Vacancy) – Co-option vote 8th January 2019


Cllr Graham Turner

Cllr Kelvyn Waites

Cllr Jamie Summers

Cllr Polly Ann Flinders

Cllr Neil Denby

Cllr Stuart Merry

Declaration of Interests