Grant Schemes

Small Grants Scheme

The small grants scheme offers grants of up to £500 to community groups.  The amount of money available is set annually in the budget.  Application forms are now available. Click here for an application form and further information.   Please read the guidelines which are attached to the form before completing it.

The deadline for receipt of completed application forms is 16 October 2019.  All applications will be considered by the Finance and General Purposes Committee at its meeting to be held in November 2019.   All applicants will be informed of the decision of the Committee by the first week in December.

Community Grant Scheme

Grants awarded under this scheme are for larger amounts.  This money is aimed principally at capital projects, which offer improved facilities to a large area of our community.  The size of any grant awarded is at the discretion of the council.  Grants are generally awarded via a commissioning process, however, this does not exclude application by bona-fide local groups looking to provide or improve local facilities. 

Please read the guidelines which are attached to the form before completing it.  (There is no deadline for community grants; these are considered throughout the year.  However, there is a fixed budget for grants so the budget may run out before the end of the year.  It is therefore advisable to apply as soon as possible). Click here for an application form.

Community Grant Aid Scheme

This is a scheme to help local organisations and groups facing difficulties, following Government cut backs.  The scheme is also open to groups seeking financial support for taking on services which would otherwise close due to funding cuts.  Click here for an application and information.

School Grant Scheme

chools can apply for a grant of up to £1,000 for extracurricular activities, or for activities which benefit the wider community. These grant awards are considered at the Finance & General Purposes Committee Meetings (see Calendar of meetings for details). Click here for the school grant application form.